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i dunno really how to start ok this is how im going to do it

i like to listen and understand others opinions and beliefs

i like debates but not political

im not religiuos im more spiritual im interested in wicca

i love my labtop im always on it

i love american sports mainly softball which i am in a team in

when i say something in my head it does always come out the right way on paper i have a great way of explaining thing to people in words face to face or rambling lol

im very random i think lifes better that way

im always up for a laugh

i try to see the bright side of things but it doesnt always work

i go in and out of depression when i feel defeated in something i put myself down alot

im very creative some of my mates call me weird but they say that they wouldnt have me any other way

im not a great speller i write how i say them

i love my musci and movies alot im addicted lol

i dont have many friends only a couple of close friends

i used to like to read alot but i got bored (i get bored easy) i would rather watch the movie to be honest

im very sarcastic its my defense for how i feel sometimes or i just do it cause its fun but i like it as in banter with others

i love animals i have 3 cats and 1 bearded dragon

ive been on the princes trust programme 12 week course loved it do loads of things from rock climbing to caving and other things it changes your life i would defo recomed it to anyone

i dont like clubbing or dancing i would rather headbang and mosh

i enjoy drinking but i dont getting drunk with people i dont know i have trust issues i no

im into bdsm sexually

i have done bonnet surfing on a car nearly got killed oh well **** happens

my life quote is everything happens for a reason you only live life once so live it up :P

im obsessed with vampires

if someone wrongs me once i dont really give trust them like i did before

ive had everyone from family to friends **** on me and emotionally tortured me so thats why i dont trust anyone fully

i believe in re-encarnation and recression

im not afraid to die this lifes crap anyway and we all die in the end we live and we die only things garenteed so why be afraid of it

im scared of alot of things evil clowns,or faces, drowning,en-closed spaces, needles, being alone, horror movies that are jumpy or grusome, hospitals,spiders, ect

im facinated by human behaviour

if theres any other questions you can think to ask me ill answer just ask

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Hey am sorry . I disliked the comment mistakenly :)

its ok :)

lol very enquisive thats cool wicca is witchcraft mother nature and balance its not the witchcraft you se eon tv or in movies its NOT evil at all nowhere near im not an acual wiccan cause i dont want to dedicate my life to a god or goddess and celebrate the eight sabbats i dont have time but i agree with what it stands for , im into everything from metal to rock to r n b to country and western to speed garage to disney music , to soundtracks to chart music to clubs music ect , lol yh im sometimes scared of milly (bearded dragon) shes always staring at me it freaks me out sometimes , headbanging and moshing is what you do you to rock music , bdsm erm dont get freaked out but its like sexual dominates , erm obsession with vampires came when i was at college my mate got me onto vampires and she got my into them i dont drink blood or wird stuff like that i just like vampire films, movies loads comedy,thriller,chick flicks , adventure, fantasy, the only ones i dont like are horror or gore and proper romance like the notebook stuff like that im more into chick flicks tho my bedrooms full of them

Okay I've got a couple of questions, 1stly what is wicca? What type of music and movies are you into? :) where I work there are 4 cats and a bearded dragon OMG freaks me out can't even look at it, I run every time I pass its tank lol. What is to headbang and mosh? What is bdsm? And why the obsession with vampires?