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Hey Im Lindsey or Lindz and Im a tomboy I love sports but I don't like girly ****..I have 2 little sisters one is a cheer leader she is Awsome and my other Sis is Awsome as well.I have 4 dogs a cat and a Gunipig. I live with my mom and Grandma, very Outgoing Fun and Ik how to keep secrets
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After our recent conversation, you might wanna edit this post!!

Ikr? XD

Lkr?? Sorry - haven't got the hang of all these letters- I am 45- it's alll a bit new to me?? Lol soz

*Laughs*OLD MAN XP

And, what does that mean??

Im younger *Laughs*

And ??
I may be older- but I'm wiser- and more experienced in soo many things!!

*Laughs*True but Im cooler XP

I've gotta pop into a friends house - be back at ya soon - and who says cooler is better- I might not be cool- but I'm hot!!


Speak in a bit

Mark xx

*Laughs*Im a G Home Slice

Now say that s-l-o-w-l-y
And a brief explanation please??

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Nice to know a bit about you
Thank you for sharing
Mark xx

*Smiles*Np it tells Alot about Me

I was looking for pix - to look at as I do things to myself


And I know yr name now
Night night sexy lindsey

Night =)

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