A few years ago I came across an young East European woman during one of my brisk walks in London's Hyde Park. She asked me for the way in the most sensuous English with hints of a Polish accent that she was deperately trying not to reveal to me ever. I can't remember much of her, not her face, nor the clothes she was wearing. It was during a Winter's day so her own hair was covered up too. The only thing that has stuck in my naughty mind ever since is her broad inviting smile. It was both so very alluring and inviting to me, almost as much as the lovely black seamless pantyhose that she was obviously wearing. A woman always wears pantyhose for work and stockings to play after all. Having had those thoughts just sprung up in my mind from nowhere I appreciated the young woman's smile even more.
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iamm daily in pantyhose and will never stop the best clothing for ever for all days in special occasion suspender and stockings mmm

Pantyhose are sexiest article of clothing that a woman can wear, period, the end! A woman who ADORES pantyhose is a special lady, and VERY SEXY !!!