I Am A **** And Use It For An A From My Teacher

The student really wants to get an A but a teacher doesn’t think so, she’ll make the student do the dirty things and there’s nothing to do, but to agree. The student’s *** is going to be tested, and it’s going to be a real hard test…

It was my last year at college. I was a good student but used to miss some of the lessons. At the end of the semester I found out that I had missed all mathematics lessons. Out teacher got sick and we had a substitution.

The new teacher was a young tall slim and very pretty woman. She wore huge glasses which made her different from others. She wasn’t too strict and liked to speak freely with students on all possible topics.

I decided that she could give me a good mark. It was the last day of study. After the lesson I came up to her to discuss the situation. She said she was busy at the moment and I had to come later.

When I appeared in the classroom room again she was out. I waited for about 10 minutes. She was wearing a short black skirt with a white leather belt, a white translucent blouse and knee-high stiletto boots. She looked fantastic!
- So, how can I help you?

- I know I’ve missed many of your lessons…

- You’ve missed all mathematics lessons except for the last one. And as I understand now you want me to give you a good mark?

- Yeah…

- But I can’t. If you want I can give you a satisfactory mark…

- No! This isn’t what I need…

- I can’t do anything for you then, you’ve missed the lessons, you’ve got no marks…

- I… I want to enter a university… And the satisfactory mark will spoil everything… I can do everything for you. Help me, please…

- Ok… Then I’ll punish you the way I want… Do you agree?

- Sure… - I was ready for everything.

The woman closed the curtains and locked the door. It seemed strange to me.

- Now undress! – She ordered.

- What?

- Are you deaf? Do what I said!

I obeyed. When I undressed my **** was already rigid.

- How big you are! – The teacher laughed. – We should get rid of your erection. It will spoil my pleasure.
She gave me a small container and ordered to ********** until I ********** into it. I decided to do everything she told me. I was very excited and climaxed pretty soon. I had a lot of ***** which filled the half of the container.

The teacher put her finger inside and dipped her long nail into my ***** then she licked it and said:

- It’s delicious. Ok, this is going to be my snack later. And now lean your hands against my table, position yourself in a doggy style and stick your butt out.

I did what she said. A few seconds later I felt she put her finger in my anus.

- What a tight ***. I love ******* such ones!

And she began ******* my *** with her finger. It first was terrible, disgusting; but a couple of minutes later, to my surprise, I started enjoying that. I was impaling on her digit and move in pace with her movements. It was such a pleasure! Then she added her second digit and again I felt uncomfortable for a while. Soon I was moaning and twisting from enjoyment.

- Good boy! I’ll make a good ***** from you!

She stopped drilling into me and took the belt from her skirt.

- Shall I punish you?

- Yes, my teacher.

- You should ask me about it.

- Please, teacher. I’m a bad student. I missed your lessons. Punish me for that, please!

- All right.

She strapped me. I gave a scream from the pang.

- For this scream I’ll strap you five more times.

She did it again. This time the strap was twice as painful and I screamed again.

- No, this is not what I expect from you, - she took off her panties. – I’ll plug your mouth with them, but before that I can allow you to lick them for ten straps.

- Sure, I agree, my teacher.

She threw her panties on the table.

- Be quick!

The panties were wet through, especially in the middle, where the most part of her juices were. They smelled nicely. I started licking them furiously.

- Enough, - she said in a few minutes. – Give them to me. You’re such a diligent boy and I want to reward you for that.

She took her panties and wiped the juices from her *****.

- Open your mouth!

She pushed the panties into my mouth and her nectar flowed onto my tongue.

- Now doggy position!

To tell you the truth I had already forgotten about the strapping. When I was ready she took the belt and began strapping me. Each new strap brought me new pain. I could scream and was just mumbling as her panties were in my mouth.

The fact I was nude with my butt stuck out and panties moist with juices in my mouth was turning me on. Besides, my young teacher in a short skirt with nothing under it was strapping me… I was so excited that wanted each next strap be stronger and more painful than the previous one.

Having strapped me about 30 times she stopped. My **** was rock-hard and the butt was burning. I had unspeakable sensations.

- You have a hard-on again, - she laughed. – I didn’t expect the strapping could turn you on so much.

She gave me the container again and ten minutes later I filled it up.

- Wow! I wanna reward you!

She put her hand under her skirt and when she brought it to me it was covered with her juices all over. I licked everything off with pleasure.

- Ok, now the same position!

I stood in a doggy style. She took a strap-on out of her bag, spread it with Vaseline and lubed up my anus as well. She started penetrating me slowly. It was very painful and I gave a scream. She didn’t stop and kept on entering me until she pressed to my butt with her thighs. She stopped for a while. Soon the pain disappeared.

- Can you feel it? It’s not so bad…

After that she pulled the toy off, lubed it up again and thrust inside sharply, up to the base. The girl started ******* me fiercely paying no attention to my screams. At first it was very painful but soon pain got mixed with pleasure and I was moaning wildly as a **** being screwed in a public toilet.

My teacher paid attention to nothing and was ******* me hard and long. I lost the track of time. When I touched my **** that had been waiting for its turn for a long time it exploded.

I had never experienced anything like that. I had barely touched the head of my **** when it burst out. And there was so much ***** that I’m sure it would fill the container immediately.
Can you imagine I had climaxed because my teacher was pumping me like a dirty *****. I climaxed convulsively splashing my *** all over my teacher’s table. But she seemed not to notice that and was ******* me non-stop.

About ten minutes later she climaxed. Her ****** was very strong, it lasted long and when it was over she collapsed on the floor. She was sitting and couldn’t stand up. I fell on my knees and was in this position for several minutes. Then I gathered my strength, raised my teacher and put her on the chair.

- Oh, you’re a bad boy! You’ve spotted my table! Clean it right now! Use your tongue!

I licked my ***** from the table. It made me aroused and my **** got rigid again. My teacher also got excited from that. When I finished she came up close to me and pressed my butt to the table. My **** was between her and me. She took it into her hand.

- As I see you want more *******…

She pushed me and I fell on the table with my back. She mounted me, pulled a condom on her toy and started drilling into me. My anus was burning and this made my sensations even brighter. She moved forward and sat on my face.

- Now work well, my *****, - she said and drank my ***** from the container.

And I was working hard licking all her juices… When I stimulated her to ****** a few minutes later she squeezed my head tightly and was twitching on me for a minute or two. Then she collapsed on the table but her ***** remained in front of my face.

We were lying exhausted and satisfied and I was licking her nectar. My *** was burning from all what had happened to it today…

- You’ve got an A!.. – My favorite teacher whispered.

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May 8, 2012