It's like a catch 22. The slutty women I meet are so untrust worthy. They lie and cheat when there is no need. Heck I'm a voyeur I would love to watch, and even set it up at the proper time. At the end of the day it's about love and being a team for me.

There is no joy for me in having a **** that doesn't love, and honor our relationship. Why sacrifice a home, a two income household, and all the great things a relationship offers for a few hours of decietful fun. Lies and betrayal hurts, and cuts deep.

Things change when you are in a relationship. There is a partner to consider at that point. The slutty behavior has to be controlled and redirected for the benefit of the future as a couple.

I can deal with a woman that's bi, likes *********, even gloryholes and bukkake. I just want to be there. I want it to be "our experience". I want a woman that adores the fact I enjoy it as much as she does.

I really don't understand, but I still adore *****. I hope to Marry one day and live a traditional life outside the bedroom.
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Well said

Thanks.. I'm glad someone understands my POV.