Liars are the worst possible vermon on this planet . I just abhor them. They have zero respect for anyone when they lie . Who do they think they are ? What's their point ? Isn't life hard enough without having to decode your friends/lovers intentions and correspondence? I'm just pure allergic to the dirty fleabags that they are . Far better be it to give someone honesty and receive it in return than to give them what is ultimately a very stupid performance by their over-inflated egos .

zoso77 zoso77
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i hate it too!

I totally agree,I can't believe the people that lie to me & actually expect me to believe what they say ! they might think of me as the big thicko from the city,but I am a very good judge of people & have a sixth sense about a lot of things.I'm usually 80% correct in my judgements,but these people actually think I believe these tall tales & blatant lies that they spin,I know more about the truth than they think !