I absolutely hate the way underwear binds and pinches the body. It has to stay in place so it doesn't accidentally reveal something I don't care if someone sees anyway. Also, just that much more I have to take off before I can reach my ultimate goal of nudity. All I really think I need to wear is a t-shirt and a comfy pair of jeans. They cover all the necessary bits, why wear anything under them?

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I couldn't agree more. Well said

I agree. Why wear something thats uncomfortable.

Totally agree....

You like nudity. You sound fun

I totally agree. And all I wear is just that... a t-shirt and a pair of 501 Levis pretty much most of the time. Shoes & socks, also, of course.
And with me, when a woman that stirs my blood works her magic on me, she can tell exactly how I'm equipped by my size and girth outlined in the fabric of the denim that imprisons me. Yes, indeed... why wear anything under them?

I haven't worn them for years and have become really comfortable when I get exposed, it's just so much more natural.

I couldn't agree more. (see above)

I don't wear any to bed. Only wearing vest now in bed. Very comfy

I love you attitude. i see that this was posted several years ago but I had to respond.

Me too.

It doesn't make any sense, what is the point of wearing underwear??? Less clothes-more comfortable-happier....

I agree with you on that, completely. But it's a turn on for a guy to know he's out with a woman who isn't wearing any. Hope it's the same for girls.

Wow! My sentiments, exactly. For a woman or a man.
Well said and thanks for saying it.

Actually, if the t-shirt is long enough, you can skip the jeans, too.

I totally agree!

its easier to flash without underwear its great with a short skirt...

When wearing a dress or skirt, I never wear underwear,<br />
<br />
unless of course I have to!...I Wear a Bra though to give me <br />
<br />
a figure of sorts though!...It keeps everything in it's place!!

Yup, same sentiment here. Commando is the only way to go!