Saving Pigeons

I save pigeons. Not  fancy, weird breeds of pigeons, just everyday, living in the city, pigeons. You know the kind.

 The first pigeon I rescued was pretty young, just learning how to fly, but I had found him with a broken leg, hopping around in an ally, trying to find food. i brought him home and fixed up his leg and now, two years later, he is my happy pet.

 The second and third pigeons I got were thrown in a Dumpster, still in their nest, just little babies. I fished them out of the Dumpster and raised them, also as my pets.

 My first pigeon (I named him Jojo) "married" the second pigeon, (Charlie, she's actually a girl) and had babies. Charlie's brother, Percy still lives with me but he doesn't have a "wife".

 I have also rescued pigeons who were already adults and, once back in good health, flew of again. I get no  thanks, especially from business owners who don't welcome the "dirty vermin" and "rats with wings". I want the people who read this to know that pigeons, if it weren't for pollution and having to eat our garbage to survive, would be clean birds. pigeons are pretty smart birds, and very social. My Jojo loves to get my attention and have me play with him, so don't judge pigeons just because they're dirty, okay? It''s OUR Fault because we don't keep our cities and towns as clean as we should.

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