Tooth Hurting, Reward Needed . . .

After 2+ hours in the torture chamber . . .um, I mean the dentist's office . . . I walked out $300 poorer, half a dozen scripts in my pocket, and half my face anesthetized, my jaw aching from being held in the open position for such a duration.  As I'm pulling out of the parking lot, I see across the street the used bookstore I had ventured into some years before, and found books in a series I was collecting, which were long out-of-print, and very hard to find back then.  Considering what I had just been through, I decided a small reward to myself was in order, if the place was even still in business.  I crossed the street into the bookstore's parking lot and found to my delight that not only was the place still in business, they were open this afternoon!  

They didn't have any of the books in the series I'm still collecting, and I had to laugh when I found a book entitled "Wicca, Satan's Little White Lie" mis-shelved in the "New Age" section when it CLEARLY belonged next to the "Left Behind" series.  They also had "The Amityville Horror" parts 2 and 3 shelved under "True Crime."  Amusing.  I didn't have the heart to point out these minor mistakes to the beatnik behind the counter.

Instead, rubbing my aching jaw, I decided to indulge myself in a guilty pleasure: cheap 60's-70's spy novels.  They had the ones I was after, which I must very guiltily admit I have spent the last several days searching for as downloads online, only to find they just AREN'T.  This place had 'em for 50 cents each.  I bought two with the change in my pocket, all I had left after forking over my hard-earned hundreds to the torturer's smiling receptionist.  I read the first three chapters of one of them tonight, and found it just as indulgently escapist as I did when I first read them back in the 80's.  I WILL BE BACK, Mr. Beatnick, with another 2 bits (and 3 coppers for the sales tax)!
UFOsR4real UFOsR4real
41-45, M
Jul 30, 2010