I Can't Help It!

unless i really am FLAT broke...i can never go in to a library or bookstore and come out empty handed...never...i some times wonder if its just my love for books or my shop-O-holic tendinces..i really don't know, except the fact that if i have money on me i come out with 3 or more new books **if i get a good pay check before i go to a book store i may vary well get 5 or more new books**

was wondering if other people OTHER THEN MY WIFE that have this thing...i cant really call it a problem because...i have money, i go to the book store ...i buy books....NO PROBLEM!! :D

Take care of your selves!

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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

I love them too. There was a second hand bookstore in Oroville I used to love that would have a once a month sale day... and I would usually wind up coming out with a couple of brown paper grocery bags full of paperbacks.

Many of them would be traded back into the same store next month - so I would only be paying .50 - .75 a book or so... If I had to pay the $10 cover prices on books I'd be broke in a hurry.

Since switching to mostly ebooks - I do as much sharing as possible and take advantage of what's available at the local library.

me and my wifey dont really like e books because her and I feel its not quite right to not hold a REAL book in your hands.