Modern Coffee Shop

There is a Barnes and Noble in my city. I know its hours well. One of the few places I like that is open till 11 at night on the weekend. Has the inhouse coffee shop. I grab some books - usually from one of three sections I frequent and the latest magazines and sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax. The library is fine but lacks the latest books or the coffee shop. Free wifi is also a bonus, as is the people watching. If I plan to do something and I have an hour or two to kill, it fits right in with my plans. Love it, the variety in books and subjects and people. Hopefully my true love will like it too, when I meet her, maybe tonight.
Texmiguel Texmiguel
51-55, M
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Good place to look for your true love. Much better than a bar.