A Special Kind Of Love.

I'm not sure what it is, but bookstores feel like home to me. I can easily spend hours there & even volunteered at one for over two years simply because I loved it there.
The smell of the books, the sounds of pages being turned, the excuse to just be quiet, the knowing smiles passed between readers of the same genre, it's almost like a romance.
It's so addictive,but I don't care. [:
BlackDaisee BlackDaisee
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2 Responses Jan 1, 2013

Even though I have a hard time reading anymore I'm still a hardcore Bibliophile. My dream home would have a 3 story library like in My Fair Lady. top to bottom books, plates scrolls and musical scores. I could die happy then. I love a good bookstore its frustrating to go to one that smells like an old gym or laundry room. I tend to be hesitant to buy from those stores.

I've kinda banned myself from large public libraries because I have so little control on being able to leave. My record in a library was 36 hours at the local University main library during Finals. I hung out there with the intent to write a report for HS. I ended up wandering around and reading anything but.

Hahaha! Any bibliophile could die happy with a library like that! 36 hours in a library is pretty badass. :)

The sad thing is my parents didn't even realize I was gone. they just thought I was in my room or with my siblings.

I have this feeling most of all about books in ancient greek published by oxford university press. The oxford classical texts. I would like to enter into the pristine beauty of those texts every day. I think I might have actually taken the trouble to learn the language partly for the sake of being able to do that.

Awesome :D I know the feeling well.