Secret Stinky Cat Bookstore

I go to a bookstore that has a few cats and one dog, now this might be ok
if the dog didn't live on a couch with his own blankets smelling of his mange
and the cats didn't pee indoor smeling the place up with fouled up boxes *Plural*.
The reason I like is because its empty of people and full of cheap 1st additions
at awesome prices. The hippie couple it is run by don't seem to mind the
smell and I am glad when others seem to be thwarted by the aura of disheavel and
madness with newspapers falling in piles on the floor and dust bad enough to make
you sneeze, Its a paradise of books damnit and sometimes they clean it and
its even better!! Anyone else I go with knows what it takes to go in as in a strong
stomach but I rather be alone and buy my books that I love....**** off LOL.
DaughterOfEve DaughterOfEve
31-35, F
Jan 21, 2013