How I Often Spend Free Time

Ok so maybe I have a bit of a Nerdy side.I started wearing glasses at a young age, like trivia and learning new things about people and places.I also used to walk out of the library with my arms full of books.Later I switched to contacts but still like the same things but now I also frequent bookstores or really any store that sells interesting books.I can spend hours doing so though others I know are bored after 10 minutes.In ten minutes Ive just gotten started exploring.I probably spend 20-30 minutes in the Christian or inspirational section alone then I'm onto health and fitness, nutrition and then cooking ;although I have more than enough cookbooks.Then perhaps I 'll browse current magazines for awhile and look at journals and pens as I am always writing something like lists, notes on something Ive read or just writing poems.Of course I also browse the bargain sections as you never know what you might find.This is a very enjoyable way for me to spend free time.
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Reading books is great!!! I love reading myself. It's a great way to escape the stress of the real world, in my opinion. And I don't think you're a nerd, you just like keeping your mind open to stories. ^_~…

wow ... I see what a great book enthusiast you are. Imagine that one day I browsed into a library and I came out six hours after ... The manager seemed frankly stunned ...

Good luck with both your poetry and stories.At least robots can't take over writing although they are now taking over all kinds of jobs.I like research too oddly enough.Just found some poetry books by Helen Steiner Rice at a thrift store and was so excited.Read on!

Wow, this is what I do also. I've spent all day at bookstores and really loved it. I read quite a bit and about many topics. Two years ago I began writing poetry, so naturally I gravitated to the poetry section. At the library I brought home a dozen poetry books. I love to research and read about obscure poets.

This year I wil be reading more history, economics, and current events. The travel magazine gives me some great ideas for the short stories that I write. My saying is 'I've never saw a bookstore that I didn't go into.'