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I Think, Therefore I Read

I am a very tactile person, particularly when surrounded by books or music -

The smells, the sounds, the scents are incomparable. There's nothing like the smooth cover of a new book to excite my senses and provide a mental reprive from the daily grind.

I am guilty of becoming so enthralled paging through something, I sprawl in the store aisle for a while, or find myself carrying around so many books I run out of arm space.

Bookstores are my hope that humanity still thinks for itself every now and again. And still values imagination.

Not to mention the people watching. There's always that.

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If you like looking at what people read try -- an excellent site!

not sure what is more telling that i like to ponder who people are from what they read or that you can tell who people are form what they read.....same thing i guess .

i love book shops .. i find myself adopting a sideways stance with my head near resting on one sholder..and i go around the store reading titles of all the spines..<br />
<br />
oddly i find it moreinteresting to see what type of books other people purchase.

I read this and thought you think therefore you write as well as read. I agree keep writing please. Will certainly keep reading you!

enjoyed your story you have a real talent keep up the good work.......i have heard it said that repetition of a skill leads to finer honement and expertise and enjoyment. this is shining through in your writing, well done and thanks