I used to go to bookstores with my ex-gf when we went on dates. That may sound lame, but those turned out to be some really fun dates for bibliophiles like us.
Nowadays, I'm hoping my next reason to repeatedly visit bookstores will be for book signings of some book I have yet to write and get published. I'm working on that part. Wish me luck.
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Good luck! I love reading but I am worthless as a writer. I admire all of you who can write properly.

"Write properly" implies there are some rules to follow to be proper. the first lesson i learned about writing was throw out the rules and write something you'd want to read

The wise answer from an artist.

all the best...sad to see the indy bookshops shut down allover the place

I KNOW!!! Don't get me wrong, I love the selection and prices and whatnot at one of the big chains. But the indie shops - the little guy, mom and pop shops - they had the homey feel. There was one near me when I was growing up called "The Book Exchange". You could bring in almost any paperback book and exchange for store credit. I loved that store from the first moment I laid eyes on it. You don't see stuff like that any more. At least I don't

Agreed. Here in Toronto there are a few indie guys left...but they've pretty much packed it in and will be shutting down soon if they already haven't.

It's a dying breed, man. It's a dying breed.

yeah...but it seems even the big guys are getting hurt by ebooks.

Hurt, yes. But I don't think "paper" books are going away. ebooks are cool and they're doing great business. But I think there's something to be said for the durability of good ole paper, the feel and the smell of a new book, sitting on the beach and not worrying if you get sand in your book...

personally i'm not a fan of ebooks. Tried them on a few different platforms...not for me.

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