The Happiest Place On Earth

i'm pretty sure that's disneyland's slogan, but maybe barnes & noble should swipe it from them, lol! i think bookstores are pure heaven. as soon as i walk into one, i'm transformed. my stress melts away and suddenly i'm staring at endless shelves of books. it's a treat for the senses: the sight of people moving moving through the aisles, the sound of pages being turned, the scent in the air...mmmm, love it all!

i adore all bookstores, although the barnes & noble 30 minutes from my house is my very favorite. it's beautifully arranged, with its own starbucks and endless overstuffed chairs. i could seriously live there! sometimes i just lose myself, wandering around ans drooling over the books. there's never enough time to look at them all! what can i say, reading is my number one addiction! :P

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13 Responses Mar 4, 2009

audio books are perfect for nighttime, when my eyes are too tired to stay open! that's the time to just lean back and listen.<br />
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oh yeah, this group title makes me want to go on a bookstore raid too! my room, my desk, my bookcases, they're all overflowing with, you guessd it, books of every kind! books are good too.

i'm the same way! a day without reading just doesn't feel complete to me.

i love reading and try to every day thanks my friend! smell

oh yes, i just love the library as well!<br />
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and is there anything more energizing than the smell of new books? even the pages smell awesome!

I am the exact same way! I can stay in bookstores for hours....<br />
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.....and new books just smell great too!

true... <br />
Libraries are good too..if you can't afford to bought books..

yay! bookstores rock!

yeah.. I think so too...

You're so right!

i know, there's just about everything you could ever want to read under one roof! awesome!

well.. they have a lot of true crime novels, children stories etc...