Chain Store Club Cards

The only thing I don't love about book stores is the pushy cashiers with thier book store club cards.  No polite decline is acceptable, they just push with date rapist tenacity, "Let me tell you about the card. You know you want it. Take the card. You'll love it, just sign up. Your mouth says "no" but your eyes say "Sign me up for a discount card"

It's not the card itself, it's anything that's pushed on me with such enthusiasm, my knee-jerk reaction is to reject it. Plus it's not just "sure, ok" It's slow down the line while you fill out a form and everyone behind you gives you hateful dagger eyes the whole time.

Damn them! Damn their pushy discount cards!

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Date Rape Tenacity <br />
<br />
haha<br />
<br />
Do you drug all your Dates ?<br />
<br />
You should be in Jail<br />
<br />
Section 18<br />
<br />
For Nonces

I got a card in a bookstore and I only use it when the cashier reminds me.

This is exactly why I shop in a small bookstore. The owner knows exactly what books I have read and if I am in too much of a rush to spend time browsing I can ask her for a recommendation and she will tell me what I should like based on the books I always read!! It costs a bit more than the big stores - but the service is priceless!! :-)