I Could Get Lost For Hours In a Book Store Or Library

I have developed a serious addiction to books. I all ready have way more, than I have time to read but somehow, I still manage to keep bringing in more. A couple of times, I've even had to give away some boxes of books that I didn't even get to read, because they were taking up too much space. Besides, once you've had to move a couple of times, it gets pretty old hauling around all of those boxes of books.

I could waste away an entire day at a good bookstore, or the library, because I always continue to find interesting reading material. Just let me have a cup of coffee and I'll read in quiet enjoyment for hours. At least if I do it that way, I'm less likely to bring a bunch of stuff home, with me. My house is often too busy a place to read, so I guess that's why books tend to sit untouched, once they get there.

Second-hand book stores, and thrift stores, are my favorite places to look for books. For me, It feels like a treasure hunt. I have found a lot of really great reading material that way and it's just of fraction of the cost of retail. I think books depreciate faster than a new car, when it drives off the lot! So it kills me to pay retail for them. 

Lately, I have been reading a lot of books on-line and I have found a way to download them onto my cell phone. I like this new method but I worry about spending so much time reading on a monitor, since I'm already on the computer much of my time. 

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Yeah; especially bookstores that have a good coffee bar! I have a "thing" for magazines, and love to look through them. Needless to say, they're too darned expensive, so I flip through them at the bookstores. I love in Western, New York, and a couple of local stores have fireplaces; great during the winter!

i totally agree......in my city we have plenty of open book markets sort of things where u can get almost any book....and those are my favorite places where i spend hours...grouping around among the heaps of old books....!!! if i can i would spend even the last penny in my purse to get a book...!!!! i wish i had this luxury...

Oh, yeah it doesn't hurt that you can also get tea while you read. mmmm Tea and reading.

I have made Barnes and Noble a regular date destination. It's so good.

anyplace i can download books fronm online ..

I recently hijacked my son's Kindle and I have been downloading books like a crazy woman...lol....<br />
<br />
I miss having the actual feel of a real book, but the Kindle is much easier to store.<br />
I am like you in that you can drop me off at a bookstore or a library and leave me there til closing time...and you will still probably have to coax me out.....haha....<br />
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Book thrift stores are THE BEST, years ago a friend of my dad donated his entire warehouse of old books to the church and we had a huge used book sale, I think I bought atleast a a quarter of the stock myself....lol...<br />
<br />
I just feel better when I am surrounded by books, feels like home.<br />
<br />
Excellant post! Thanks for sharing.

I spend countless hours in the middle of the night (can't sleep) sifting through the book listings on eBay. I love receiving my parcels in the post and it feels like *christmas* opening them up

wow i read this and it was like i had writen it myself. i could live in a bookstore and be happy. it is nothing for me to spend 6 hours in a bookstore getting lost in the stacks. <br />
im with you on the use bookstore thing. a book reads the same no matter how much you pay for it. when i see piles of books with no cover off to be recylced i want to cry. <br />
you can never have to many books, throught out college i mover ten times in 7 years and my books where always the last thing pack and the frist thing unpacked. have my books around me makes my feel like im at home. <br />
i dont think i could ever get use to electronic books. they dont feel right, it is so much of the experience to have the pages and get that deep book smell, that i can seem to get into a digital book.<br />
happy book hunting

i totally agree!! :)<br />
in fact, secondhand books often have greater treasures waiting to be discovered.

books are themselves our other made manifest in word

Love reading so I agree with everything you said.When I'm in a bookstore it's pure Joy..

I developed a love for books at an early age and it still sticks with me to this day. There's something about the feel of the pages, the smell of books, that just takes me to a place where "everything will be okay in the end". <br />
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My local library has a book sale once a month where you can go in and fill a bag up with as many books as you can cram into a paper back for $5. The first time I went I was in bibliophile heaven! LOL

I think a bookstore crawl is a great idea. I would have a lot of fun doing that. Although, I'd really have to be careful not to over-do it! I just recenly unloaded quite a few old books and could easily be up to my chin in them, once again.

Like you Im a big fan of books, bookstores, and the library!<br />
I was on holiday recently and a couple of friends and I did a 'second hand book shop crawl', like a pub crawl, only bookshops. We hit about 5 different ones and I purchased about 7 books - all bargins, a couple of library books I had fallen in love with and wanted for my own, some new books by old favourite authors, and a few fresh faces. So much fun :)

I would have loved that!

I love bookstores too! I could live at the library. I once went to a thrift store that was having a sale. Whatever you could fit in a paper bag was I think $1 or $2. I of course went straight to the book rack and filled up two bags. It was one of the greatest days of my life. :D

I thoroughly enjoy reading books for recreation. I also liked your comment...<br />
<br />
" I think books depreciate faster than a new car, when it drives off the lot! So it kills me to pay retail for them. "<br />
<br />
How do you download books from the internet?

A man after my own heart.....books/thrift shops/ wasting away days reading !

Book stores a portel to a new dimension ..... **** were did I get that from ? You know I hate science fiction , god now i am talking to my self .... Anyway SR old book stores just love them...

Yes Yes Yes<br />
you are saying some of my favorite words...secondhand bookstores...treasure hunt etc. but it's never a wasted day. I really love bookstores too.