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Spend Hours In There

I love much that I can spend hours in there. If I'm busy and have lots to do then I have to avoid going in them or I'll get nothing done. However if I have a load of time on my hands I will be in there all day!
AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 22 Responses Nov 13, 2007

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I agree, bookstores and the book section of thrift stores are the the coolest!

lmbo !!!!!!!!!!!

Your story made me smile. I know the feeling so well!<br />
<br />
And isn't it a real luxury to be able to spend all day (more or less) in a bookshop...

I love reading about poetry and psychology too, but sometimes I do like to read a bit of chick lit just to relax the mind :)

i can spend all day in a bookstore too.

I read everything... except novels... it has been a long time since I've read much fiction... but biography... memoirs... poetry... psychology (self-help...I've read almost every title out there... could counsel anyone... lol)... and spiritual... lately I've been at the New Age shelves... I've become quiet a mystic...

Starbucks is the best!!! I love graphic novels.....I wanna get a copy of 30 days of night!! I have quite a collection of graphic name it!! lol

Barnes and Noble... absolute favorite... not the best prices... but warm and cozy... I can spend hours there... loose all track of time... especially if there's a Starbucks... <br />
<br />
smiles ladies... happy reading...<br />
<br />
~ Jessie771

Heres there website if yo uwant to have look<br />
<br />

I never think to check out the bargain section. Has anyone ever tried "the works" book shop? It's not like a proper book store but they have hundreds of books for brilliant prices - when I go in there I come out with at least ten books LOL

i try :)

Ah, your so thoughtful lol

won't happen. that's why i always leave bookstores with at least one book, to make sure we're all good and safe.

LMAO - so if I'm walking down the street one day and theres a huge noise and someone screams "Oh no, the world is imploding" - I'll know that your to blame LOL!

i always come out with a book because otherwise the universe would implode. it's a heavy responsibility.

I still feel really cheeky though, I think thats why I always come out with a book, makes me feel less guilty about spending so many hours in there!

nah, they have those chairs for a reason!

LOL - I usually look at the self help books!! I don't think I've ever bought one but I find them interesting, I really should stop using book stores as libraries ha ha!!!

graphic novels, hmm? picgirl, we need to talk!

Me too!!! I love books-a-million too!! Love to get that cup of coffee and look at all the different books they have to offer! One of my favorite things to do!

For real! They have such a chummy, cozy atmostphere--I could hang out in a bookstore forever.

I love bookstores!! One of my absolute faves is Barnes and Noble!!! I spend hours looking at the graphic novels.....or checking out their huge selection of history books!!