Bookstores Are Extremly Nice.....

I love book stores because to me it is a exciting place to be. I can spend hours looking through books. There are so many choices and I love to look at all the different book covers. Sometimes you find books that  says just the right thing....   saying take me home ...It is hard to resist .Bookstores are a great place to spend quiet moments.

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I loves books too. And not just reading; I think I am bibliophile. I love the shape, size, pattern, look, smell and everything about books; the feel of it when I hold a book. I might sound very odd just there. <br />
There is this huge market, a little way from my University campus. They have a whole area devoted to books. I go there sometimes just to look through the collection. Just to take in the image and the feel. Shelves after shelves of stacked up wonders...

I love book stores too.<br />
My son dragged me to a book signing recently.<br />
I was prepared to be bored.<br />
The author sat and spoke to us about his books, why, when what..etc.<br />
Then he sat and read a chapter from his latest novel, explaining the signifcance of each paragraph.<br />
I was hooked! A geek and proud of it!

I can absolutely relate to your love of books and the places that hawk them! My love affair began in the Copley Square library in Boston. The soaring ceilings and stained glass windows . . . the rows of bankers lamps. . .it seemed a magical place where anything could happen! <br />
<br />
As an adult, I don't frequent libraries quite as much, but I LOVE Amazon for book-buying and I'm a card-carrying "Frequent Shopper" at a few of the larger bookstore chains. Starbucks in a bookstore: what an inspired idea!<br />
<br />
But best of all . . .I like shopping quaint second-hand bookshops. The smell of the books! I like to fantasize about the prior owner of the Jane Austen I'm holding. Where did she live? What did she do? Whyever did she part with this sacred feminine (not feminist!) bible?!<br />
<br />
Yeah. I'm a nerd. I DO love bookstores. :-)

I like to fumble through the inside with interest to see what catches my eye...It has to talk to me somehow....I love the cover of the book...that has to catch my eye....and I read the back cover....interest.....before I by the book. It takes me awhile at that rate to look for just the right The book makes me excited....and I cherish books like that.....and refer back to them in time...

Yes, It is nice to read life stories too.... I don't get to the library much but they are nice too... :)

I too loved to go to bookstores.I would spend a whole day browsing.I go to the public library to borrow books often even on wheel chair.I have not been since i joined EP as life stories are all i loved to read.

Thanks everyone for your sweet replies....Bookstores are wonderful to visit and time flies by when your there......

Yes!!!! Aren't they wonderful!! :D

I agree! Great story.

I could spend hours in a bookstore. I love them! Thanks for the great post. too.... :)

books are great! I have so many books that I doubt I could ever read them in this life