I Love Bookstores!!

There is an old secondhand bookstore near where I live and I swear too God its one of my favourite places too be in the world!! Its not just because of my love of books, but because the place is just so quite and peaceful and you can just get lost in the place. Cheap books FTW!! XD

RobMc1991 RobMc1991
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Bookstores are the loveliest places on earth... ^^<br />
While all the other girls went shopping for clothes and shoes I'd be wandering off to the closest bookstore and loose myself in it for hours :P<br />
It actually went that far in high school that I eventually got a discount because I was there every day during my lunchbreak XP

Haha. I've heard lots of people use "FTW," personally. He might be a WoW pla<x>yer anyway, but I'm almost certain it's spread to the masses now :P

I just moved to a bigger city than my hometown and this is the best thing about it I've found. My hometown just had a couple of places where you trade in books and videogames and movies, and of course the national chain bookstores. Here, there are corners with two or three used bookstores and it's the atmosphere that's totally addictive. You're right. It's easy to get lost in it for hours, even if you don't buy anything.