I love them, I always arrange to meet my friends in bookstores. The reasoning behind this is because you can always hang around in a book store for a very long time without looking like a complete weirdo.

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

yea i agree, i just love anywhere with books. i know a really cute used-book store in a town near me, its like a labyrinth in there, and you know which are the best books, and best loved because they are the ones that are torn and broken.

I love bookstores because I love books! Actually, I could hang around in them for absolute ages just looking at titles and browsing thru pages...and they're different from libraries cos they're usually new authors or there's absolutely new and different topics and libraries aren't always up-to-date...anyway, thats why I love secondhand bookstores too because you can find books on subjects you'd never find in a library...and then again, I love libraries too but because you can always go back to a library and find the book you saw there last time you can't at bookstores because they're either sold, sold out or replaced with something else..