I Feel So At Home In A Bookstore

I love being inside of a bookstore! It feels like I have come home. A book store opens up all sorts of possibilities for me. I can find comfort, excitement, quiet time, self time, adventure, and most importantly I find peace in the rows and rows of books. Books remind me of people, each one waiting to be opened, heard and understood.

MorningEcho MorningEcho
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

I also love second hand book stores! I don't think I could work in one though, lol, I would get fired for spending to much time in the books instead of in the store. When I read a good book, it's like I am transported into the story, like I am living it. My family laughs at me because when I am into a book, I can't hear anything and they have to touch me to get my attention.

I work in a second hand bookshop (my favourite kind of bookshop!) I absolutely love it. I was offered the job because I spent so much time in there and he needed some help- it's dim and smells of old books, but I adore that about it. Every day I spend there I discover more and more books that I want for myself.