Books Have Energy!! And I Can Feel It!!

I walk into a bookstore... I smell new books EVERYWHERE... and I sigh.

It's such a wonderful feeling.  I love bookstores.  It is quite a priviledge to stand there with hundreds of books around you and you know that every page is like a window to someone else's thoughts on life and love and people and all different kinds of things that you might never get the chance to experience or see...

I am a book collector... what I mean is I like to buy books rather than borrowing them and then returning them afterwards.  I want to be able to go to my bookshelves at home and take out a book that I've read a million times before, but I'll read it again, because who knows... I might have changed these last couple of months and maybe I will experience the book in a completely new way!  I have a couple of books at home already that I tend to read again and again, just because I feel that I might see the same story now from a different angle...and a lot of the times that is exactly what happens!  And that is what makes books so wonderful.

I know that when I have kids one day I'll have them read as much as I can force on them.. it stimulates the mind... and it develops their imagination.  I know there are tons of eBooks available nowadays, but I still prefer the old school way:  curling up on a couch with a hardcopy in your hand and paging the book with your hand as you read... and smelling the paper... and feeling the tecture of the pages and seeing the colours of the cover and everything about the book... I think that sometimes it's not me READING the book... it's the author TALKING to me... I can hear him/her in my head while I read.

And so... going into a bookstore is a experience that gives me a lot of energy... it makes me excited to know that I am about to buy another person's point of view on things... life... love... whatever.




PixieGirlie PixieGirlie
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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Yeah, new books are fab! I can remember receiving new text books at the start of term in school. All that wisdom and knowledge sitting right there in your hand - lots to learn - and the wonderful smell of a freshly printed book too! Heaven!