The Smell

I love the smells of bookstores, when i'm there i like to just consume in the smell of new books and pages that have yet to be turned. I like the feeling of being in the bookstores and how it feels calm and not so hostile like some stores are. Nobody's running around and trying to fight for anything. I like the calmness, it doesn't feel like the library but it just feels like a place where i can relax and sit and do nothing.

But the smell is what really gets me, but i guess i base everything on smells. If the place smells bad then i wouldn't want to be there, if the place smells good and almost relaxing then i like the place. Just depends on whether or not the bookstore is a big one, i like the bigger bookstores then the small ones that are like squished together.

jackcook02 jackcook02
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010