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After we moved into a new settle, we have got a funny event. We have got a Fiat 126 "Maluch". Once it could not start. My dad called nearly all friends. Nobody was able to recognize what has happened. We only knew there is a petrol on the snow. My uncle(mother's brother) came in. He is an experience worker of car factory in Poland. He started to look carefuly. Suddenly, he said. "Damn it!. You have no gas trunk!". The police came, a car was broght to a car repair. Some journalist wrote about our event in local press. And he wrote our registration number, so all friend, even though they did not want, thy knew about steal. Secondly there was an accident with one of our next cars. Firstly, a roe deer was hit by us. What is more, an animal stole our number plate. Secondly, the was a wild boar and our car(Fiat Palio Weekend) looked like a boxer after huge knock downing and muging a face completely. Airbags did not exploded, but we alived. What is more, some day earlier a car was insuranced. Losing of board forced exchange of numbers, documents, certificate!. This second crash caused some trobles with lights geometry. This first caused we are not able to succesfuly fix a fog headlamp. After some years, we bought a new car, Nissan Note 1,4 Acenta. Very nice, extremly comfortable car in this class. But... when you have got today a new car, obviously you must have got troubles. At first, some electronic error caused malfunction of radio, bluetooth phone and an air conditioning in the middle of hot summer. Secondly, we have got a back crash. a roof rack was bumped by some driver of Fiat Grande Punto, who was quickly riding from our cathedral square to one of main street of our city. Fortunately, there was a place in a service, but all servicemen were completely shock and asked: "How is it possible to hit a new car!?" Fortunately none of 6 airbags exploded. And...fortunately, that hit was determined not by all car structure, but "only" a back mirror.
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I had several Fiats over the years, enjoyed them all. 1982 was the last year they imported Fiats to the US. They felt they could'nt compete with the Japanese, Now that Fiat owns Chrysler they have brought the Fiat 500 in, a cute little car, alittle too small. Fiat has some bigger cars, maybe we will see some one day.