Remember? Remember when things were simple
When all that mattered was the lack of distance
between your broken heart and mine Remember?
Remember when all my poems consisted of
blood and death
When I seemed so dark, I was really so happy
Remember when my wrists were clean Remember?
Remember Autumn nights, looking for good in
the sky
laughing when we couldn't find him
Remember the night I lost myself to you Remember?
When your shoulder was soaked
Your arm was around me
Remember the first time you couldn't make it
okay Remember?
Staying up all night
Listening to words we hate
Trying to stay away, when we use to be so close Remember?
When you stopped caring
because I stopped calling
I was taken by him and you were taken by
drugs Remember?
The laughs, the hugs
The nights, the days. the words
The kisses, the arguments, the tears
the love Remember?
Do you?
Will you?
Could you?
princeghartey71 princeghartey71
22-25, M
Mar 4, 2012