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Pinocchio In Dystopian Subculture Part 1

pinocchio in a dystopian subculture first i gotta tell this second of ur aint welcoe thierd of all ur *** is int worth nomore fivth of all ur gona as white rabbit daneil wikholm ur aint worth a **** no more as once tol u ur so cool therese the way u act but rave was a long time ago im in a dystopian subculture now from now and so in parts it wil be like this second of all ur aint worth **** choked damn ratbasket ok in subculture in dystopian way we do like this second of all ur aint worth **** nomore or less ok subcultures in genral way boynd ur limit of being showed in public for the general massaes in a dystopia nsub culture we do liek this(to leave it to ur fantasy ok)
MonicaW MonicaW 36-40, F May 4, 2012

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