I Have Been Spanking In The Church

At the age of 13, I was internship to a Jesuit college, where I studied and practically was returning home alone for the winter and summer holidays and long holidays days.
Among older students and younger, were like a total of 50 young boys , more the priests teachers who would like 15, who lived there and as you can imagine, we were obliged to attend Misa in the morning at 7 hours and the Misa in the afternoon, 18 hours.

I was elected as an altar boy with another boy, for misas of 18 hours, the acolytes are those guys that help the priest for Misa , ringing the bell and passing things the priest , I hated that, but as I was wrong in ratings, it helped me, I ascended a few points.

The thing is, the priests began to notice that there was a marked decrease of the consecrated wafers and also of the consecrated wine, which is very tasty, sweet and soft, the wafers are like a small wafers that melt in the mouth, they are given to the faithful when receiving communion, Christian rites.
The priests began to draw many concluciones and also asked all students whether they had any knowledge of the loss of the consecrated wafers and wine, no one knew anything. The rumor began to grow among those who lived there would be a ghost, as many had seen in the shadow of the night, a sinister figure with a hood and look ugly, wander around the monastery, many swore to have seen already mysterious figure named him as the Phantom of the Abbey, just mention it was scary.

Priests with so little imagination, did not believe much in the story of the mysterious ghost, so arranged secretly between them and some older students recognized lick ***, a raid against this ghost, stood guard and waited until they managed to devise a shadow came to the church door, took out a key, opened it, the priests entered and waited to come out to fall on him, after 15 minutes, a staggering figure came out, closed the door, and the priests and students will fall above, he defended and kicked and spit, but was defeated by superior numbers, the priests triumphant, lit the lights and called the priest Rector, the big boss, he came rubbing his hands, grabbed the hood, lift and there was the Phantom of the Abbey, with a smile from ear to ear, a little drunk and with a mouthful of crumbs wafers, and guess what, yeah, the ghost was me.

The priests grabbed my ears and took me to the rectory and questioned me as I refused to answer, I got a couple of strong finishes coscorrones and confessing that I took them to my bedroom and I ate them wafers with jam berries that my mother sent me to the farm, and I also took the glass of wine that was delicious, they asked if my roommates were involved, but I refused, I take all the blame, but they did not believe me.

The next day, at Misa at 7 am with this whole school, both inmates and those living in their homes, nearly 700 young people but some early risers, Father Rector with great joy to inform all them that the so-called ghost of the Abbey, had been discovered, two priests took me out of the little room of the altar boys, each of ear brought me and there I was, against all looking at me and mocked me and laughed, while the Rector reported that the culprit would be severely punished, I bent over a desk, they dropped my pants and the Chancellor had the pleasure of spanking my *** until he had to stop because he showed on the face of a certain sadism improper in a priest, but as The priest tore my ***, I was planning my revenge, it would not be so, my *** humiliated, shouted .................... exijia REVENGE.
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I don't believe spanking, is right but what you did was horrible. You should have been kicked out of school

What were you spanked with? It was bare?

with a rod of coigue, a kind of reed, sticks very, very strong, because it also has knots every few inches.

many time beat many pain this day how much time you feel pain

Thanks for posting the Ghost-story!<br />
School spanking was also very much part of my life.

Seems that priests are some **** punishers

ouch, sounds harsh!!

not only sounds, feels even harder.