Guess I'm a Simple Girl..........

My favorite flavors are chocolate & vanilla. lol. Yeah, I'm boring. Heehee!!

Now that I live in Nova Scotia though, we have an ice cream shop about 15 minutes from the house (by car). When we go there, I get Caramel Cowmotion & Creme Caramel. LOL! They aren't Haagen Dazs but they are delicious. ; D


  Love & Blessings xo

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1 Response Jul 2, 2009

I love pretty much anything with caramel... so I am with you. Not too long ago I found a caramel and pear thing (also from HD)... and it was tasty... not my favorite, but tasty.<br />
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There is a local Ice Cream Parlor here in SF that makes a salted caramel flavored ice cream... people line around the block for it. :)