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Could I Be Your Persnoal Shopper?

 It's even more fun to shop with someone else's money.  I knew some ladies that did that for a living, buying gifts for bosses that either didn't care or felt they had no time.  The ladies were good shoppers, got the gifts wrapped and the boss made someone happy.  Every body won.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 6 Responses Jan 30, 2009

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What kind of shopping is your favorite? I used to know a woman that loved to shop but realized she couldn't afford all the stuff she wanted. She'd go to a store, push her cart around filling it with all the goodies and then leave it (no groceries) in the store and go home. In the same vein, I know a couple that go to the Hallmark store when they have birthdays, anniversaries, etc and pick out the card they want to give each other, read the card, laugh, cry, whatever, put the cards back and go home. Saved money and don't have to figure out what to do with the cards afterwards! Sort of peaceful recycling?

Well, sounds like we've agreed on what we are and struck a deal?

That's the spirit. Do what you enjoy and get paid. Kind of like me being a giggilo?

yeah now that would be fun-someone elses money!!!

I can understand. I was an only child basically raised without a strong male influence so maybe yours jumped over to me.

come shop for me. I can't stand doing it. Both of my daughters love it and drag me along with them. All my girlfriends love to shop as well. I guess that little thing that makes women like shopping was passed out on a day when I wasn't there.