Ive Read 5 Of Her Books.

i read all four Twilight Saga books and her other book "the Host" omfg!!!! i dont think i can explain how much i wish they could make a movie from the book the Host, its not about Vampires soo no one would have a debate about her changing Vampire rules or some **** like that. its about Aliens/ Parasites, the aliens are as small as a large worm, has hair like limbs and are a beautiful ribbon silver. they dont believe in violence, and they remind me of the Peda extreme lol. the aliens call themselves Souls, and what they do is, they travel from planet to planet after discovering a new planet they come in the last planet they where in's body, see the silver small aliens insert each other in a host. In the book its explained, that they where on a planet of what humans would call Spiders, they where in the bodies of large spiders and when they found earth, the came to earth as spiders studying them. when they decided Humans where a dangerous race, and didnt deserve such a beautiful planet, they decided to invade. they took a few humans and had spar Souls still not in the head of an other species yet and would insert them in the the humans the kidnapped, then, the humans removed the Souls out of the spiders and into the humans themselves. after that, it was Souls in the bodies of humans that would communicate with their other Souls from other planets and would get ships dropping off more souls. it sounds technical but these are just the basics, not even the actually story. once the humans realized what was going on they went into hiding, There are different types of Souls, their are Healers, Souls that are like doctors but their medicines are like magic, they heal you instantly. They are also the Souls that insert other Souls into the Host body. Then there are teachers and guiders, but the one that the humans know most of all, are the Seekers. Souls are non violent, they are afraid of guns and knifes, youd wonder how they where able to invade in the first place BUT the Seekers DO carry weapons, and will kill humans if not catch them and plant Souls in them. Souls removed all sorts of violence from the earth, they even took the BRADY BUNCH off television because in an episode a kid punched a bully and that is against what the Souls believe. When there ended up being more Souls than humans, the Souls removed the need for money, you could walk into a grocery store and collect all you wanted and go to the casher and let him scan the items for inventory and leave without paying. what they believed is, as long as you have a job in the community, thats you paying for the free food and items of any choice. the Souls never lied, they felt quilt if they lied, they didnt believe in alot of bad things and they never seen death for their kind is immortal. when they body of their host dies, another Soul removes them and either puts them in another body of that planet or sends them to another planet entirely. they live for thousands of years. they dont mate like earth creatures do, the Souls that are capable of having children would have to sacrifice themselves and would have millions of children. i THINK what they do is regenerate, and its suppose to be painful, but usually every thousands of years one single female soul sacrifices its self to have millions of children. when they are inserted into the human body or any body of any kind, all of the Host's memories becomes the Souls memories. this is the kicker, if a Seeker where to find a human and capture them and put a Soul in them, the Soul in that body could lead the Seekers to any more humans that now Host might have been hiding with. Humans believed when a Soul is placed in the body the Soul of the human dies BUT what even the Souls didnt know until they invaded Earth was the humans where still there. most of the time the host bodies old owner disappears and the Soul has no problem with collecting all the humans memories, but in some cases thats ONLY known on earth is some of the Human spirits fight back, dont leave at all, thats what happens in the book, this Soul was placed in the body of a girl. the Souls name is Wonderer because she has been to 9 planets when usually her kind settle after their second planet, so she was thought highly of. the girl who she was inserted in is named Melanie, who stays in the body and fights back the soul, doesnt let the soul see all of Melanies memories because Melanie does have people shes protecting. Melanie feels, sees and hears what the Soul does, because the Soul is in her body, the Soul is the one that has control of her body. all Melanie is to Wonderer is a voice in the back of her head. Some how Melanie slipped up and let Wonderer see too much, Wonderer was ashamed for so long for not being able to get rid of Melanie and felt weak. Melanie had only one chance to save herself because Wonderer was planning on going to the others and admitting her failure and in doing so, the Souls would remove her from that body, from Melanies body and "dispose" of Melanie. So Melanie gave it to Wonderer, not everything, but she let Wonderer see the memories of her family, her brother and the man she loved anyway, she kept hammering it down on Wonderer so strongly that, Wonderer started to love them too. she felt even more like a weak one when that happened, but after she fell inlove with the people in Melanie's memories she went looking for them. i wont go into detail of where they where or how they found them but they did. OH forgot one thing, the way you can tell from a Soul and a human is, Souls have tiny pink scars on their necks from the insertion AND when you shine a flash light into their eyes the silver from the hair like limbs of the Soul inside the brain of the host shines in the eyes, shining a flash light in the Souls eyes sets off a bright reflection. the humans Melanie and Wonderer found where some of family, she didnt know there where so many humans left (39 i think), but not all of them knew Melanie but there where a few who did and knew there was a Soul in her body and thought she was dead and that the Soul in her body was trying to hunt them, so they held Melanie and Wonderer prisoners, or prisoner for they didnt know Melanie was still there, they where beaten and scared up by the treatment they got, Melanies love was there and he too was one of them who hit her thinking he was hitting just an alien parasite. the man who owned their hid out was her Uncle Jeb, he was curious about the creater, Wonderer. he didnt let anyone kill her, not until Jared knew what he wanted to do with it, Jared was Mel's love, and he was confused too, he hated Wonderer, but he didnt want his loves body to be killed in some ways the community of the humans wanted, some wanted to give Wonderer to the doc so he can try and remove her from Melanies (they still dont know Mels still there) while others just wanted to shoot it, Jared fought with everyone to keep the Soul alive, but not because he wanted to stay alive, he was trying to figure out the best way to kill it, he was in pain every time her saw her, cuz it was the woman he loved's body. anyway, alot happened, and ended up they found out about Mel being alive still and da da da da da, you have to read the book. i looooooooooooooooooooove it and i probably made it sound lame.
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true enough.

Just a little... ;P

I was just asking out of curiosity., Huxley is one of my favorite authors, but that may have more to do with the fact that he was one of the first advocates for the recreational use of mind altering drugs.

That's cool. Have you ever read any Aldous Huxley? Other than Brave New World?

So you like Dan Brown too? You are one of maybe three people I know that read both of those authors.

Yes, The Host is awesome, and it is, according to her website, getting a movie adaptation. And Stephanie Meyer has six books now. She just published, I bullshit you not, a Twilight novella. Apparently it's about one of Victoria's newborns, but I'm not sure, since I haven't read it yet. Also if you're into the post apocalyptic scifi thing, check out Justin Cronin's The Passage. All I will say about it is telepathic vampire zombies.