This Is One Of The Most Phenomenal Movies Ever

Just finished watching it with frosty and I am absolutely blown away. 'Night Mother is still my favorite movie but this one is a very close second. I can't wait to watch this again. If you haven't seen it you have to.
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8 Responses Aug 6, 2010

And who knows we may watch it yet again. *hugs* ttyl

Im glad we got a chance to watch it again.

Yes but in the end the one who tried to control others died. The one who was "controlled" won the day. I hope that is true of us too. Not that I want people to die but I want those who try to control me to lose :)

Yes, that can be said of almost every movie... It is interesting that remotely controlling other beings is the sci-fi trend tho now....

Ok but we need to start earlier than we did last night. :)

Im with you summer,its one of the best movies i have ever see.We'll watch it tonight again if you want. :)

ILoveMariee well when you get down to it that can be said of almost every movie but I'm glad you liked it. :)<br />
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MyDearMariee you can dump on the movie if you want. Everyone is entitled to their opinion even when its wrong LOL

Yeah this was a good movie... You got that one guy who changes sides to fight for what is right...<br />
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Is the movie 'a classic'? I'm inclined to say the concept has probably been done before(?)