I absolutely love thunderstorms and heavy rain. I love them the most when they happen to occur right when I am getting ready to fall asleep the loud cracks or just the sound of the rain coming down. Granted they are the best when you have someone to share them with but sometimes with a good book is great as well.

The sound of the rain is the best sound in the world I have no idea why I just love it!
Chicgeekgal Chicgeekgal
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Can't agree more!

it's better when you listen to music..try dis song. river flows in you- yiruma

listening to sound clips of rain drops and thunderstorms helps me sleep at night and lowers my anxiety

It is very relaxing to be in bed with the sound of a thunderstorm. They pass sometimes too quickly. Been a while since i've heard a storm while going to bed

me too!

I like it when in falling asleep