It just randomly started pouring down rain and thundering really loudly here <3
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Something about it is just so peacfull

I know two persons which gets headache before a storm. It goes away when the storm begins.

Well we get a lot of rain here in England but not many thunderstorms.

Rain is okay, but storms are the best.

It does get stormy occasionally with heavy rain and some flashing and rumbling of thunder. I can even sleep through and hear nothing.
But if I am awake I love to stand at the window and watch the lightening :)

I'm the same. It'll wake everyone else in my house up, but I'll get the best night's sleep if it's storming. I always broke the rule of not sitting by a window or outside (:

So whereabouts are you :)

Southern US

I am in London England and I am supposed to be working :)

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