Dubai Has Some Awesome Storms !!!

Dubai One crazy night

It all started with a horrible sand storm that lasted for 3 days. Id just finished a hard day at work on my way home listening to the radio, they said we where in for a storm. Within 10 minutes of sand blowing everywhere it was puring down with the odd flash of lightning. I arrived home got in the apartment and the storm was here big time now. Lightning flashes every 2-3 seconds with constante thunder. I was buzzing with excitement so i went onto the balcony just in my shorts a glass of wine and a cigar. I cant explain the fealing that over come me. It was lke my world had stoped i had no emotion, all these constant flashes of lightning and the roaring of the thunder was amazing. Just to see the Palm island light up for a second then dark and then light again, was just gob smacking. I was even getting wet from the spray that was bouncing of the side of the balcony but with me in this trance i didnt even relize till i was soaked. I sat out there for about one n half hours. It was amazing. These types of storms only happen like once a year and to me  this was the best by far. What made it was the location on the palm island and when the lightning light up the Atlantis hotel was like nothing you can imagine. If any body else was in dubai for this storm lastnight you would understand the whole of this story.

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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

Wow interesting indeed. A nice place I hear but would not want to go there. Glad that you did not decide to go out and be a camel jock as you might of ended up in another country. Just enjoy your time there.