I haven't been tickled in awhile & I really miss it. ): someone come tickle me! haha
mikarose mikarose
18-21, F
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I would love to tie you down dear and tickle you for hours from your head to your little toes every inch of your body

I'd be happy totickle you, dear. for hours! especially your feet :)

Love to,message me????

Oh my,yesssss

I'd be happy to tickle you <3

I'd massage your feet first to make them even more sensitive, then tickle them until your toes curled. :3

I'd be happy to give you a good long tickling :)

Belly's are my favorite to tickle as well I'd love to tickle yours would you allow me to

Add me please? ;) I'd tickle the **** out of you

Awwww. I'd tickle you! :)

Can I tickle you on your belly all day

Where are you ticklish Bellys are my favorite place to tickle

that's my favorite place to be tickled 😛

Oooo would you let me lol

maybe 😜

Maybe!!!!! Your gonna get it

I'll tickle your belly for you :)

I'd tickle you on your feet, armpits, sides & my favorite your bellybutton as well

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