Small Pieces Of Sweet Delight

Oh, well, I love them. I can make good waffles, so sometimes its a course, because my friends like my waffles, and usually they want me to make waffles for the parties... Not only the common sweet one, but they like my apple-cinnamon flavored ones too. Make that is always a great challenge... if left to much juice in the apple the waffles going to look like they made from gum :d if i put a little to much cinnamon my whole house smells like in Christmas, but i love the smell of the cinnamon. Of course the waffle have many advantage, its good for breakfast, or any time in day, it can be eat with peanut, or jam or with whipped cream... and of course its drawback is only the taste is good, so it can give some additional, unwanted energy...
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5 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Am... I can't pair the waffles with fried chicken in my mind... its to weird for me...

mmm waffles and fried chicken...mmmm

You lost me at fried chicken, Josie....<br />
<br />
but I do love the waffles too...although I think my kids like them even more...

Maple syrup, thank you for mentioned, i forget to wrote that, but it can be eat so variously... its impossible to list everything... because the waffle didn't need to be sweet, it can be salty also and its give another variations... Oh, i love cook, bake...

Delicious. Love them with several toppings or just maple syrup.<br />
<br />
Also like them with fried chicken.