Ever since I was young.
I never knew such a lust.
Yet as time went on I figured
Never to pretend who I was.
I sought after my own gender since I was young.
I was one courageous little kid living in the 90's.
And I grew up in Mexico too! Yet no, I am not Mexican. I came from a family that needed to be all around the world is all. And when they traveled they left me with my nanny a lot, but I met all sorts of females. From different races, cultures and backgrounds too. Oh but I had only a few long term relationships throughout my life. Yet I could not stay with just one.
Anyways. I may be different and ****** for not being loyal to those I was with for a moments time, long time ago.. but I have no ill will toward the life I have lived. This is who I am ;) Women will always soak my panties!
Although my biggest fault, is I may bite off more than I may chew. ;) ahem...
I am and will always be a female lover till the end of time.
wastedglory wastedglory
31-35, F
Aug 15, 2014