I'm bi-curious. I guess I'm just really confused about my sexuality. I just wanna be loved.
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i am loved at home

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in homo what role do you like to play dear?

I do not believe in being bi-curious I believe if you feel something from the same gender then you're bi. I thought i felt that way years ago when I met another female friend, but that feeling never left, so I am Bi, I never acted on it, but i love women as much as I love men.

Takes an open mind and heart. Don't say bi-curious unless you are only curious about girls, if you really feel that you could love a woman the way you can love a man, then you are bisexual. Some people hide behind the word curious so they will not be as harshly judged by society, so pick a side of the fence, its no ones business but your own.

You could love me as a man or dress me as your Gf...

easier said than done. Find happiness find love... it happens its like puberty happens soon for some and later for others.

Sexuality has nothing to do with love. If you are attracted to the same sex then that's your choice. Whatever it is you should still be loved.

Me too

bi or gay or straight. u have the right to love