I always struggle with self confidence cud any1 help me to be more confident around women sumhow
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Sure. I find it helps me a lot in all sorts of situations whether it's requiring confidence, or a carpe diem kind of response, or a difficult decision you have to make or whatever to understand two truths. Not just read 'em and think, ya, I can see that. But really think about them. Burn them in your brain until you can feel it in the cockles of your heart.

1. You only have this one life. That's it, that's all there is. Afterwards - nothing. No thoughts, feels, or any consciousness whatsoever, just rotting flesh. Take heart, though, because you won't know you're dead. (No, there's no afterlife. You're not going to be playing tennis with Jesus for eternity, or be coming back as a squirrel, or whatever wishful thinkers want to imagine because they're scared as hell to enter the realm of the non-existent. Hey, I think it sucks too put that way, but that doesn't mean we should make up fairy tales like we're still children who need stories before bedtime to ward off bad dreams.

2. Time flies. It zips along so fast that I can tell you your future. I know a really weird, not just a little creepy experience you're going to have. Here it is: When you're 35, you're going to have a moment where it just feels like you freaking blinked and the last 10 years just went by. Blink. Gone. Just like that.

So now riddle me this, my friend. After you take those two absolute eternal truths to heart. You understand the facts of the game of life. You really get it, like on a visceral level. Tell me.....What are you so afraid of? Walking up to a girl and simply saying, "Hi, I'm Woody. Nice to meet you. What's your name?" That kind of piffle frightens you? R-e-a-l-l-y? Nah. So, get in there young man. Nothing to it.

Well a great way to build confidence is through repetition. If I challenged you "I bet you can't chew your food!", you'd look at me incredulously. You've chewed food all your life, you're a master of mastication!

Same concept behind women. Interact with them enough, and you'll feel more comfortable after a while.

Cheers pal I struggle with small talk and I'm not often around women that's prob half the prob

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