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Well, I didn't want to create group called "I wasn't that keen on The Notebook" so I thought I'd join this one and state my reservations about it.

I watched the movie on TV last night at my girlfriend's house and had heard that it was a sad movie - a real tearjerker.  Now, I like a good weep at a movie and was quite prepared to get out the box of Kleenex. 

I missed the first ten minutes or so and just started watching it when James Garner was reading to the older Allie character in the home.  Well, I said to my friend who was sitting with me "I bet they are the couple in the Notebook".  But at that stage wasn't sure but it all seemed a bit predictable to me.  I didn't like the part where she didn't recognise him at the end and had to be restrained when she got very upset and scared.  I didn't like the way that was handled - I thought Noah would have known what to expect by then and didn't think his reaction felt right. 

I'm probably being picky here - which wouldn't be the first time for me with a movie!! lol

I appreciate the way the subject of dementia was handled and thought it was dealt with well overall but thought the movie was contrived and a bit too obvious. 

Overall I was a bit disappointed.  I wanted more Walt Whitman and less Barbara Cartland - but perhaps that's just me.

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That's not surprising Becnme - books are usually more affecting that movies I find ... the stories being more in depth.

Having had an elderly relative that had the disease, what happened is highly probable from first hand experience. I have just finished reading the book (saw the movie first) and there is an explanation for this scene which the movie was unable to. I found the book more of a tear jerker than the movie.