He loves going on car rides :)
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My yorkie sits on the armrest in my pick-up like it's his throne.
When I'm driving & he's on my lap lookin out the window & we get home, so I can park I need him to move, I say get up in ur spot & he jumps right up.
When we go out, I ask him if he wants to go on an adventure, he always does.

my dog goes crazy in car rides, tries to jump on me, hide under me and everything its funny to watch but sad at the same time lol

How is it sad? Lol

cause I never know if his scared or just going crazy for the thrill lol. I have a jack russel so his always hyper and jumping around

Oh okay, I understand. Princeton likes to stick his head out the window of my car lol he looks really funny with the wind in his face. He really likes it

my dog has done that a couple times but once the car had to brake quick cause of this guy who ran in front of it, he started swearing and my dog barked he walked of so scared loool funny as hell,

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