I Absorb Energy

Most people radiate energy (give off). Well, I consume theirs. I don't mean to. My bestfriend says it's like I'm sucking the life force out of someone. And it's not just one of the energy fields it's all 5 of them. I can control the spirtual and mental, but not so much the emotional etheric and physical.
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So you're saying since I'm pretty emotional you're power has no effect on me I still think we should talk I don't know if u know you but it would be a interesting meet

I know that well, I can take energy from living creatures , or anything that conducts/stores energy. It gives me extra energy to either use or give it to someone else. Most often it happens threw the finger tips or breath it in. I can senses emotions or power sources, it has become so natural I can't stand not having energy passing threw my body at all times. Negative or not people have noticed I have a strong energy field around me . Never told anyone though...

You're probably then an Empath like I am. I often feel like I'm a sponge sucking up all the energy of everyone around me. I feel the most drained after a visit into town when it's crowded, and after a family visit. Lately it just seems to get worse every day. I even feel drained just to be with anyone, like I want to go live in a cave and never come out .. LOL I feel other peoples' emotions and feelings as if they are my own. I feel when people get angry just before they have an outburst of anger, or before someone wants to cry and doesn't show it by body language, I know how they feel. I can only feel it with people who are in my neighbourhood, but also from distance from close friends and my parents. I can feel it miles away from them when something is really troubling them. I need to 'ground myself' but I still have to make some google searches about that to know exactly what that means and we can help ourselves with sensing all that energy around us so that we won't feel drained.

I thought I was losing my mind when I started realizing what I can do. I have this need to be completely honest so I told my friends. That didn't go over so well. They thought I was crazy. I started touching hurts and making it go away. That I thought was fun. But being around some people and hearing their thoughts and acting out their energies can be a bit tricky sometimes especially if we have too much in common. The thing is being and empath the only way to have some sort of normalcy in our day to day lives is to be with someone like us. Being with an opposing energy causes instability and in exibits like mood swings or bipolar disorder

I've realised from my own experiences, it's much better to NOT tell others I'm an Empath, because some people respond to it like they want to test me, and then there's no such thing as a 'friendship' anymore. I'm sharing it with strangers here though, people I don't know, but my closest friends, except some of them who are an Empath as well, I rather don't say it to. Not everyone can understand it (or 'wants' to understand it, like they think it's some science fiction but we know it's real). IF I catch any thoughts from other people I also make sure to not show them in any way that I could read their mind, but it CAN be useful to know who we can trust and who not.

sometimes i feel highly spirited and joyful until i get around a negative talking person. That's when my joy leaves as if it was suck right out of me and i start to feel drained and miserable. What does that means?

I thought I was losing my mind when I started realizing what I can do. I have this need to be completely honest so I told my friends. That didn't go over so well. They thought I was crazy. I started touching hurts and making it go away. That I thought was fun. But being around some people and hearing their thoughts and acting out their energies can be a bit tricky sometimes especially if we have too much in common. The thing is being and empath the only way to have some sort of normalcy in our day to day lives is to be with someone like us. Being with an opposing energy causes instability and in exibits like mood swings or bipolar disorder

i think i am a victim of a energy draining woman is there a seperate forum for this?

i've been with a girl for an half year, she once talked about unlocking my true potential by unblocking something in my psyche. it's been 2 years now, but i still feel sick in my head at least 10-15 times a day. i feel drained, paranoid, and i can learn pretty fast suddenly eventhough i'm 33. my ex won't speak to me anymore because i reacted too heavily when we broke up. she was my first love at least i thougt she was. she kept on saying things like, ''it took long enough''. ''it's too much'' etc. . what should i do? i can't confront her because she's hiding behind a (lie?) anxiety/fear attaque. and it's too illogic too sue someone for something like this. but my lifeforce is more precious then anything i have so it would be logic to at least take some revenge non-physical off course,

Every time we interact with people, there is an exchange of energy. The level of energy exchanged, depends on the intensity of the interaction. The angrier you allow you ex to make you the more of your energy she takes. It doesn't sound like your exes energy is beneficial to you because there is an exchange and what your getting from your ex is consuming you to focus only on her. You have to convert the energy. Name your ex something you actually want to focus on and redirect the energy into some productive for you. Energy cannot be destroyed only converted

I have been told before that I am what the New Age beliefs refer to as an "Indigo Child". I am myself a Christian, and just see my talents as being Gifts of the Spirit.

That being said, I've always been fascinated by energy absorbing. I can't (and don't want to) do it myself, but I know that I respond strongly both positively and negatively to emotions around me.

I've also conducted private experiments in the past, with female friends, talking them through absorbing electrical energy and other ambient energies. They claimed to be able to use the "power" they absorbed to make themselves vastly stronger, faster, even influence other people and alter parts of their bodies (such as their chest size). I was always skeptical of these claims though; I never met any of these young women in person, our interaction was entirely internet-based. One sent me photographs demonstrating her strength, but pictures are easy to fake.

I would be interested to speak with any young women, between the ages of 18 and 30, if you are willing. I don't really have any interest in meeting you in person, so I'm not a creeper/stalker or something. Just curious. I've always felt different and out of place with most of the world, so it'd be nice to have somebody else to be different with.

i, too, can suck out just using my hand even in a distant, but all i absorb are negative energies... & i can even absorb electricity, magnetism...

i can lift twice as my body weight, can hold my breathe in 2mins, even telekinesis... heals faster... & look 10yrs younger @ my age...

pls., can anybody help me...

my hands & feet vibrate continously, i suffer cramping of shoulder down to my abs if i dont absorb....

the difference in absorbing a negative & a positive is like you are sipping a cup of tea,negative are those coarse feeling on your tounge, the positive is so pure (tried it once) but never did it again, on the pulse wrist - but never i drain nor claim nor harmed any living being... just a fraction of it...

I have the vibrating aswell. If i hold my hand up to someone then the vibrating gets stronger. HELP.IM ONLY 12.

please send me your contact info, i'll be the one to contact you... im just avoiding humiliation, i live in a society that have strong Christian beliefs... so try to understand my situation...

pls reply to my previous post... need help here!!!

I also seem to draw on negative energies and get the most "nutrition" from them. I think it's a good thing because I'm taking negative energy and converting it into something positive. If you're still looking for help I'm open to chatting

i, too, can suck out just using my hand even in a distant, but all i absorb are negative energies... & i can even absorb electricity, magnetism...

i can lift twice as my body weight, can hold my breathe in 2mins, even telekinesis... heals faster... & look 10yrs younger @ my age...

pls., can anybody help me...

How do u do it?

All this is fairly new to me aswell...I have always known I have had some crazy link with energy & have always had 'feelings' about things & I get a sense of people in my solar plexes.....but I had the most crazy experience last weekend...I am a dj ..have been for years ,,,in the world i work in there is a lot of reacreational drugs etc & a lot of the time it gives me serious anxiety as if I absorb them....but what happened to me last weekend was unbelievable..& I am pretty scared....I am seeing a guy who does like to take some reacreational drugs from time to time...we were at a festival for 3 nights....I hate drugs but we agreed he would do a small amount one night...I could have sworn after kissing him I felt the effects for a few seconds..the next night he actually did more...I didn't realise & suddenly I was totally consumed by the effects of the drugs (I did experiment a bit when I was younger so know all too well the feeling)...but it was so powerful I was all over the place, kept nearly falling....and this was just from kissing him & being near him.....we do have a very strong soul connection....but I didn't think this was possible to absorb the full effects & experience of a drug from another person?....help....I also get feelings things are going to happen etc.....my meditation teacher says my third eye is opening & that I am fairly psychic....

I had an extremely similar experience for the last five days but I am just recently beginning to ground myself back into reality. I truly believe you and I can relate and if you would like, I would love to chat privately with you. You can send me a private message if you would like to discuss your experience and compare with mine if you would like! Hope to hear from you soon.
-The love of understanding

I have a problem with my hands getting so hot and its not really the hot part but it fells like its so much chi or what ever flowing threw my body and threw my hands i cant release it i been like this for years now.i know it might sound weird or crazy but it fells like i should a arua around my hands like the character on street fighter M Bison but if anybody can help me to channel this please let me know.

try doing the "gyan mudra", look that up in google...<br />
it helps you balance your energy, so it won't go crazy...

I must stop absorbing people's energy. I started commuting and when I sit next to anyone, my arms and legs begin heating up excessively. The poor people sitting next to me also start getting all fidgety and become super uncomfortable. How do you stop??!

i cant help but to comment, that if you only use your power for good, then there are other entities out there using theirs for evil. there has to be balance, otherwise there will only be chaos. see you all on the other side.

check out some info on being an 'empath' perhaps

I am a "NEWBIE" in learning what i have is called. I could never understand why when i was in a mall i would be "all over the place" and in a disarray. Now i know. Soooo....what is my first thing that i need to know? Also, this "GROUNDING" thing, is this to be done outside standing on the earth (grass/soil)? I came across "PRECISOUS STONES", and had a feeling to circle myself when i sit and meditate or sometimes praying. Is this okay for me to do? I am not new to my own awareness, but I am new to knowing exactly what it is, and how it works. I also "tell" people things that i have no idea about (it doesn't come from me-it comes thru me) and they always ask how did i know? Erp...I don't even know. What is that? I have also been told that i have "healing hands". I have massage a coworkers back...and she said that my hands got very hot when i rubbed her back, and that she feels better. She is the one that said that i have healing hands. I just chaulked it up to "a good massage". What is that one too? Seee....i don't know where to start! I need lots of HELP!! Oh ya....and I AM VERY EMOTIONAL...that makes it worst!

It's really hard to explain in this medium exactly how to draw energy. I will say however that the first step is learning to to feel energy. If you're vampiric chances are you already can feel energy, you just don't realise it. The next step it to learn how to connect your energy to others and create a sort of vacuum into your being to fill the 'space' left by your energy deficiency. Try thinking magnets, or gravity

Thats not how it works. The energy a human being - or any living creature expels is not the one you want to absorb. It is just useless heat. I dont think your best friend is actually experiencing anything.<br />
<br />
<br />
If you really really want to try anything, go to a random person and 'suck' its energy out. If you notice a change or a reaction, then congratulations.

like anything, this has side effects.

I need other peoples energy to live. I have REALLY bad anxiety, panic and a few phobias as long as I am around a few people I am fine but when I am around one or two people I feel so tired I can fall asleep and or panic. I can not be left alone and the bad thing is I am homebound. I haven't been able to leave my house in 4 years. What can I do to have the energy that I need?

i can do the same thing i found it out when i was around 12

I have developed a way to absorb energy from other sources like electricity due to the fact that I practiced controling it when I was a child. Through meditation and concentration I learned to control the energy within myself, but I still can't control my absorbtion from others when I "fight" whether playfully or seriously. I was fighting my friends and within 20 minutes he was laying on the floor exhuasted while I felt like I was ontop of the world. For me its stronger by touch, but I can absorb it from crowds. I don't know if its because I learned to control it and limited myself since I was a child, but I'm perfectly fine not absorbing any energy from anyone for long periods of time, well not excessively. I've also develpoed ways to push energy out of my body through my hands. My friends think its funny because no one else can do it with the same effect on thier bodies. It may be related to the ancient asian studies of chi or ki or whatever it may have been refered to.

I am working in an office, the boss tricks staff and absorbs their energies, he is a vampire. Just young staff are allowed to sit close to his work station. I have seen him checking my energy body a few times by just standing close to me like within .5 metre distance from me and pretending to check a book on the shelf or......

i absorb peoples energy too, it is weird like a shiver running throughout my body, if i concentrate i can consciously draw it in and within a few hours i feel and look better

This is absolutely interesting! Could you teach me how to absorb my neighbor energy? They are very annoying. They play dangdut musics very loudly every 7 am, burn garbage in front of my house, and their children always play soccer at my park, kick the ball through my window. BTW, do you like dangdut?

no thats not absorbing anything it happens coz of surge in energy or when emp(electromagnatic pulse) is induced!! unless ur saying u emmitt EMP in that case u should be prone to accidents :P are u?

Adding to Newton's 3rd law, there's another rule of three: whatever you put out comes back to you thrice.<BR><br />
<BR><br />
Like any kind of energy, happiness for example, using an outside source makes you less able to create and sustain the energy yourself (this is true for taking drugs as well sucking energy). Giving it to others causes you to get better at creating it, and eventually holding on to it.<BR><br />
<BR><br />
I typically have the problem of giving off too much energy and needing to do work just to have a place to put it (otherwise a careless thought can gain way more energy than I intended). However, I am not a very social person, so I have learned to do this partially by neccessity. I wish you all well.

so many members here im sure all cannot absorb energy some are curious some are bluffing some are getting a kick out of it..absorbing of releasing energy is not something to be joked with as it may affect as well as effect many lives when negetive energy is realised on masses peace is disrupted, best is to dispose -ve energy in to the earth not in public, playing with their lives gets back on you twice as hard, works as newtons 3rd law, ( to an every action theres an equal and opposite reactio) in this case reaction multiplies as it collects all the similar kind of energy and merges them go get concentrated while the way back..so dispersing on mass is not a good thing.

It sounds like you're an empath. You're not absorbing their energy you're feeling their feelings and emotions. I think that is great. I can too, to an extent. But be careful because that works both ways. You can project your feelings on to them and control peoples thoughts. I shamefully admit I've done that before, but not in a negative manner, but still it should not be done.

Alot of times i seem to know what people r feeling n thinking. i can sometimes make them feel how i want them to feel, i can (mostly) only do it when ive been through something with them, lik an argument or a fear or a secret of thiers, then i jus start to amaze them, by tellin them the things that they really want n i can sense wen a person is hurt, also its lik i absorb their feelings.<br />
Is this nething special?

you can feel it, that's how

How exactly can i control the consuming of energy?<br />
How can you control how much you take or give?

that question is fairly complicated to answer. but when you know, you know. yeah it is possible to do it without realising it, but after you've done it activly for a while you start to get a feel for the energies you're working with

How can you be certain that you are or aren't doing this?

be careful in controlling it. if you are in fact a vampire, then you take that energy because you need it, that would mean major side effects to your mind and body if you cut off the flow. if you find you have any problems after controlling it for a while, you might try learnign to activly "feed", and then directing that at large groups in public. it can only be harmful if it's directed at one

You may not notice but i would wager you do emit "energy"as well as consume it. Just don't abuse it.

It's definitely not on purpose. I am working on controlling it now. I have a friend who radiates too much. So he's good practice, lol.

I have sometimes felt like I am taking too much from others - be it in an energetic sense, or an emotional sense. I met an amazing woman though that did an energy healing on me. She told me that we all need to learn to take in the good and not take the bad. But I guess that is talking about what YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO TAKE IN..anyway, maybe sounds too basic for your problem, but its been good advice for me. I reckon people give people the power to 'suck' energy too. We are all individuals that exist in an energetic sense, and relate with each other on this level, but hardly ever speak about it. Good on you for considering it. Think about what your intention is. If its to be a good person, then I think thats the best we can do. ...Im really rambling here. I just think its a big weight to carry, if you think you are aborbing other peoples energy without their 'consent'...Be easy on yourself.

Maybe so, I do bite, lol