Absorbing Energy When Meditating?

My friend and i usually meditate together once or twice a week. We usually close our eyes and hold one or both hands. Within a matter of minutes i begin to feel the separation barriers of the physical body dissipate. Then i feel as if im floating in(or part of) an ocean of universal energy. There's usually a rhythm or pulse to this energy, sometimes rapid but usually steady and slow. Anyways, minutes or hours after meditating, my friend usually begins to feel physical weakness in the arms, low energy levels, and in one instance a short emotional depression. She is new to meditation. Could that be a factor or am i absorbing her energy or maybe amplifying the negative energies that reside in her?
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you do not ready with holding hands position. do not be continue like that position , pity of your body. <br />
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you must be trained from slow . becareful to play energy.

sorry for taking a while to reply. <br />
we havent meditated together for a couple weeks now.<br />
Thanks, we will try that sometime this week(meditate w/out holding hands).

how is it going? how your friend? :)

o yea!!:) By grounded i mean spirtually centered, i found a good method is do a sort of pre meditation of visulising roots leading down into the ground from the base chakra and making their way to the centre of the earth another really nice way is, if its nice outside sit at the base of a tree and try meditate there and picture all the roots beneath you :)

Thanks for your feedback!<br />
We havent tried NOT holding hands. I think we will try that next time we meditate. Oh and we dont meditate for hours, i meant post-meditating. We usually meditate for 10-20 minutes. By grounded you mean on the floor or spiritually centered? <br />
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its a she btw. hehe

sorry- or he!!!

Could not tell you for certain, but have u tried not holding hands? Also if your friend is new to meditating she shouldnt be doing it for hours at first its good to start slow. Make sure your both grounded- i have a feeling thats why your experiencing this.