Are They Smarter Than Dogs, I Don't Know, But They Are Smarter Than We Realize.

I have only owned, or I should say, I have only been owned by one dog before I brought my first wolf dog into my life and I have to say that their intelligence continues to mystify and amaze me still after now knowing and being owned by four more of them after the first one. The first one that I lived with was 65 % wolf and 35 % husky but she was what they call an f2, which means she was only two generations away from her 100 % wolf ancestor. Her father had a 100 % wolf for a father and his mother was 50 % wolf and 50 % husky. Her mother had a 100 % wolf for a father and a 100 % husky for a mother. Supposedly the closer they are to the 100 % wolf in their ancestry the wilder they are supposed to be. I have not found that to be the case, as the other four wolf dogs that I have been owned by were "high content", which means they have more wolf in them than dog by quite a bit, but they are more generations away from their 100 % wolf ancestors. Even though they look "wolfier" than the lower content wolf dogs I have found that what they inherit for characteristics is much the same as how it works with human genetics. Some have stronger wolf characteristics and some don't and it just depends on what genetic characteristics came through in the bloodlines. What they have that I haven't experienced as much with dogs is they have amazing imaginations, which I had mostly assumed was a human characteristic until I have experienced what I can only attribute to an amazing imagination on the part of the two wolf dogs expressions of this phenomenon that stand out the most to me. My first wolf dog Mocha would take her bones to a corner in the living room and set them down and push "invisible" dirt over the bone in the corner of the room. She would then walk away and go back and check to see if the bone was still covered, t least that is all you could assume she was doing, and if it wasn't to her satisfaction she would walk over and out more "invisible" dirt on it. I had one friend come over just after she had done this and he went over to where the bone was and she watched him very carefully and seemed relieved when he left the bone alone. A little while later he went back over to the bone and picked it up and she gave him a look that seemed to say "how did you find that, I had it buried so well I thought." Obviously I can't prove what she was thinking but her actions kind of made this seem like the only scenario. I think there is a lot more going on in our animal friends minds than we realize.
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I have a 90% Timber Wolf and he is awesome. He as you say strong, smart, and is my companion, friend and protector.

great story!
animals in general are alot smarter then we give them credit for