I Absolutely Love To Write

    I absolutely LOVE to write, whether it is a letter to a friend, a story for a child or just something of significance only to me and that I have no plans of ever showing anyone.  I write because writing brings me joy and helps me feel like I "fit in" with others in a way I've never felt through verbal communication alone.

    I often write my thoughts and feelings to share with someone when I don't feel that I can get my thoughts and intended meaning across clearly in a one-on-one conversation. As we know, life has no erase or delete keys and misunderstandings cause much heartache and misery; by writing out what I am thinking and feeling I have the ability to write, re-write, edit and erase whole sections of my thoughts if I don't feel they convey  EXACTLY  what I'm trying to say or if I feel they may be misinterpreted by the person hearing (reading) them. In effect, writing gives me a "rewind" button so that I can be sure my words say only what I truly think and feel. Writing doesn't take the place of conversation between the person to whom I've written and myself, but provides an opening to dialog where both people are on equal ground.

    Writing can take the reader to a make-believe land, to an important moment in the past or just entertain us for the sake of entertainment. To me, writing is like magic, in a sense. Writing allows me to be a child again, to share in the wonders of youth and new experiences, to relive the past and build upon my experiences,  but it also allows me to address my deepest fears and pains in a non-threatening manner  and without fear of misunderstanding or ridicule.

    Writing has always been very personal for me, allowing me to expose parts of myself that I am otherwise uncomfortable showing. It has helped illustrate the very different sides of my personality in relationship to my bi-polar disorder and has allowed me to see how my words and actions directly effect others - both positively and negatively.

imacamarogirl2 imacamarogirl2
46-50, F
Feb 27, 2010