I AM AN ADULT BABY. I wear diapers day and night for bladder problems, and also because my Wife likes to be my Mommy and me be her "baby". When i am her baby i nurse at her bosom and sometimes she gives me a bottle. She wants me to use my adult sized NUK Medic Pro pacifier every night, and i used to, but i have only been using it a few times a week lately.
However, i am also sometimes her "little boy". She says i act like a five-year-old who still wets his pants. Of course, i am also her husband and do all the husbandly stuff, as well.
It's complicated, but we understand each other and enjoy it.
kent1973 kent1973
56-60, M
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

I must say your one hell of a lucky person. I would love to have someone like your wife to keep me in order. I would even submit to her having my peepee member put into a chastity device, with only her having the key.
Also let her keep me in diapers until I am totally incontinent (both bladder and bowel), then she could have even more fun in humiliating if out in public.