Delving Into Delirium

high doses of diphenhydramine (active ingredient in benadryl) induce an intense delirium and vivid audial and visual hallucinations, as well as a myriad of health problems including tachycardia, nausea, dehydration, disorientation, brain damage, etc.

ill share only my first experience to save time and because im exhausted.

it was halloween night and nobody wanted to hang out with me, plus i was on probation, so i decided id finally try a deliriant. i was in a very self destructive stage of my life so i took 32 little pink pills (800mg), crushed them up, wrapped them in one sheet of single ply toilet paper and choked the massive ball of powder down.
id been experimenting and researching A LOT with other drugs so i knew what to look for. i sat there for about 45 minutes looking at my poster waiting for them to start "breathing". before that happened however i noticed an odd looking bald man standing outside my window. i tried to stand up to make sure that it wasnt my reflection and immediately fell on my face. it felt as if gravity was a thousand times stronger. i dragged myself back onto my couch and saw that the man had not moved so it couldnt have been me. at this point it finally clicks in my head that im on the second floor and i snap back to reality for a moment...then i got that signature RLS and full body tremors that only benadryl will give you. it is literally the most unpleasant body high that ive ever felt. to ignore the unpleasantness, i zoned out on my posters breathing, stretching and changing like living things. not long after i began talking to my friends cory and travis. we had a looong incredibly deep conversation that i remember none of. after what seemed like an eternity i remembered that cory was in oakland and travis was at home asleep. this was my last visit to reality before i blacked out for the rest of the night. before the chemicals took over control of my mind and body i sat watching translucent spiders crawl out of every hole, crack, piece of garbage, mirror, piece of glass and tv and computer screen in my room.
the next morning i woke up in my boxers with tweaker eye and feeling completely horrible. i went downstairs and my dad asked me if i was drunk the night before. i said "no why?" and he told me that i had stood in the bathroom for two hours with the shower running just watching the water and when he told me to turn it off and go to bed, i flushed the toilet and walked into my room.

altogether one of my most valuable drug experiences as far as "research" is concerned haha FOR SCIENCE!!
trainrek trainrek
18-21, M
Dec 2, 2012